Holston Hills Neighborhood

Holston Hills neighborhood knoxville tennessee

In Holston Hills, you’ll find spacious lots, tree-lined roads, a top-notch golf course, and the unique benefit of always having the sun behind you. Whether you’re on your way to work or returning home, you’ll never have the sun in your eyes.

Holston Hills came into existence during the mid-1920s when a group of businessmen acquired a 180-acre farm along the northwest side of the Holston River. The Holston Hills neighborhood was designed with the intention of creating an exclusive golf course and country club. This remarkable golf course has earned the prestigious title of being one of the Top 100 Courses in the country, as recognized by Golf Magazine. Additionally, it has been acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Classic Courses in the nation.

Holston Hills neighborhood boasts a delightful array of home styles, ranging from the charming Minimal Traditional and elegant Colonial Revival to the timeless Tudor and majestic Italianate Revival homes. Initially, the majority of homes were grand two-story stone or brick structures. However, following the depression, the neighborhood embraced the trend of smaller ranch-style homes, which now grace the winding tree-lined lanes, adding to the neighborhood’s unique character.

The beauty of the Holston Hills neighborhood really shines in the spring when the dogwood trees are in full bloom. This neighborhood was the second to be a part of the Dogwood Arts Trail along with the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood. The Dogwood Arts Trail covers 13 neighborhoods and is a scenic route that showcases the blooming dogwood trees. Residents and locals enjoy walking, biking, or driving along the trail.

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