North Hills Neighborhood

north hills renovated early 1900s home in knoxville tennessee

North Hills has been known for its unique architectural styles since its inception in 1927. You will find homes in a variety of architectural styles such as Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Foursquare, Spanish Colonial Revival, Bungalow, Italian Renaissance, English Cottage, Neoclassical, and Minimal Traditional. The majority of these homes are constructed using materials such as brick, marble, stucco, and Tennessee native stone.

This historic neighborhood of tree-lined lanes, classic-styled homes, and magnificent gardens, offers a peaceful and serene setting for its residents. The first home built in North Hills is the brick Colonial-Revival-styled two-story at 1929 North Hills Blvd.

The North Hills Garden Club was established in 1935 and remains an active partner in the neighborhood today. The North Hills neighborhood is also a part of the Dogwood Arts Trail. The Dogwood Arts Trail covers 13 neighborhoods, including Sequoyah Hills, and is a scenic route that showcases the blooming dogwood trees. Residents and locals enjoy walking, biking, or driving along the trail.

Fun fact, many well-known individuals have lived in North Hills including James Bondurant, the Cazana family, John Stair, Cas Walker, Patricia Neal, and the three Fielden families. Also in 2008 about 130 homes in North Hills were added to the National Registry of Historic Places.

Washington Pike is the northern boundary of the North Hills area with Cecil Avenue being the southern boundary. Interstates 40 and 640 are just a few blocks away and there is a city bus line available to the neighborhood.

The North Hills area is currently zoned for Belle Morris Elementary School, Whittle Springs Middle School, and Fulton High School.

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